Arcflex Manufacturing Capabilities

Over the past 25 years, we have established ourselves as complete manufacturers of flexible hose, steel braid and metal bellow elements of all sizes and materials. We have continually improved and expanded our facilities so we have total control over every part of the manufacturing process. Arcflex design, fabricate, test and ultimately produce all of […]

Why Choose Arcflex for your Flexible Metal Hoses?

Searching for flexible hoses? Arcflex flexible metal hoses have been used by a wide range of industries for over 30 years, and we are now an established supplier of flexible metal hose, expansion joints and metal bellows. Flexible metal hoses are formed by taking a flat sheet of metal, forming it into a tube and […]

Precision Fabricated Fittings & Connections

Precision Fabricated Fittings & Connections With over two decades of experience under our belts, Arcflex have truly become one of the UK leaders when it comes to purpose built flexible hoses, metal bellows and expansion joints for a huge range of industries. We have worked with petrochemical companies, offshore oil rigs, OEMs, power generation and […]

Arcflex Flexible Corrugated Hose

Operating for over three decades, Arcflex have been dedicated to the correct assembly of purpose built flexible hoses for a huge range of industries. We have supplied our products to industries such as power generation, nuclear, military, construction and pharmaceutical to name just a few. We offer a complete package of integrated precision engineering and […]

In-House Manufacturing

Here at Arcflex, we manufacture a wide range of products including flexible metal hose, steel braided hose, expansion bellows to name just a few. We consider our facilities to be the very finest in the UK and we offer a complete package incorporating everything from design to testing. We do everything in-house at our factory […]

Expert Metal Hose & Bellow Repairs

We know that your metal hoses, metal bellows, expansion joints and pipes can be an integral part of the smooth running of your business and this is why we offer an extensive repair and servicing option. This covers both our own products and third party elements, to ensure that all of your equipment is functioning […]

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