Arcflex supply many different products across all industry sectors,

Here are a few main areas we have successfully serviced but there are too many to list here so please feel free to contact our sales team with specific industry requirements.

  • Aerospace

    Arcflex has long been involved in the aerospace industry and has supplied everything from metal hose assemblies to pressure carrying components used in the majority of both commercial and military aircraft. We are custom manufacturers of flexible metal hoses as well as expansion joints specifically adapted to the requirements of the fast paced aerospace industry.

  • Air Conditioning

    The stainless steel corrugated hose we manufacture is regularly used in air conditioning systems due to its ability to absorb the destructive forces of noise and vibrations. Customer specific fittings mean they are appropriate for the majority of air conditioning units. The range of sizes we stock and ability to create bespoke versions means no matter the scale of the unit we can help.

  • Automotive

    Our components are used by a range of car and vehicle manufacturers including Rolls Royce as well as JCB. We understand the rigorous testing that is necessary for this industry and how peak performance, maximum efficiency and uncompromising safety is vital. From stainless steel braided hose to expansion joints we have an extensive range of products as well as the ability to create bespoke designs.

  • Brewing

    Arcflex has an extensive range of flexible metal hose and expansion jointsfor use in the brewing industries. Our metal hose can be fitted with a huge range of fitting types or can be custom built. The products we manufacture often exceed the minimum hygiene and safety standards while our metal bellows are manufactured for steam.

  • Construction

    We supply the construction industry with a range of products from metal hose to handle materials such as powder, chips and pellets to metal bellows and expansion joints for a range of high performance machinery. Arcflex have fantastic testing and manufacturing facilities to ensure we supply only the very best products. We also meet all the latest safety regulations and efficiency standards.

  • Cryogenic

    The cryogenics industry regularly operates under extreme conditions and it is vital to use the correct components. Our stainless steel hoses and other metal hoses are capable of transferring dangerous substances such as liquid nitrogen with ease. Our flexible metal hoses can be custom made to fit virtually any cryogenic requirements while being manufactured to the highest of standards.

  • Distribution

    Our flexible hoses are regularly used by the distribution industry for the transfer of various fluids from water to corrosive chemicals. Our stainless steel hose is extremely resistant as well as being very long lasting and cost effective. The metal hose can be attached to all manner of fittings or completely bespoke designs can be developed through our state of the art manufacturing facilities.

  • Engines & Turbines

    Our products are widely used in the manufacture of engines and turbines of all kinds. From a flexible metal hose for energy saving turbines to stainless steel bellows for jet engines we have vast experience within this industry. Arcflex can produce these components from a range of alloys including stainless steel for minimal corrosion and maximum longevity.

  • Food & Beverage

    We have long produced various components and parts for the food and beverage industry from flexible hoses for a variety of drinks machines to metal bellows for industrial style ovens. Arcflex has worked with some of the biggest companies in the business producing original products as well as replacement parts.

  • Furnaces & Ovens

    The manufacturing demands of furnaces and ovens means long lasting products that can stand up to extreme conditions are a necessity. From metal hose design to corrugated hose we have an extensive range of alloys and materials available to us to manufacture components that can stand the rigours of this demanding industry.

  • Gas

    As a market leader of flexible hose, we have extensive experience in the development of products for use within the gas industry. From connections for household appliances to fuel supply of gas motors in power stations our metal hose has a huge range of functions in the sector. Our hose is 100% gas tight while being resistant to ageing and corrosion which is of vital importance in this demanding industry.

  • Government/Military

    We have worked on a wide range of government and military projects in the past and have delivered quality results every time. From supplying stainless steel braided hose for government use and expansion joints used in military constructions we have an enviable track record. Arcflex are one of the leading suppliers to this industry and are chosen time and again for these crucial projects.

  • Heating & Ventilation

    We supply highly flexible hoses for a variety of uses when it comes to heating and ventilation. A metal hose is ideal for air handling as well as dust and fume extraction. The range we have on offer is suitable for both domestic and industrial units while the sturdy but flexible nature of the hose avoids kinks.

  • Industrial Process

    Our reputation is unrivalled in the manufacture, design and supply of high quality metal hose, flexible hoses and expansion joints for a broad sector of industrial processes. Arcflex has decades of experience and expertise plus fantastic testing and manufacturing facilities at our disposal. We take great pride in producing only the highest quality products for industries that demand flexibility and pressure tightness.

  • Nuclear

    Arcflex have a strong history of being involved with supplying and designing products for use in the nuclear industry. Our knowledge of expansion joint design, metal hose and stainless steel bellows has made us the go to company within the sector. From replacements and repairs to brand new components our products are so thoroughly tested we are used to meet the very specific and demanding needs of the business.

  • OEMs

    We have worked with countless companies and businesses in the past to produce original equipment for use as part of new machinery. Arcflex has taken on the role of subassembly as well as final assembly. We have created bespoke metal hose solutions to be used in all manner of equipment and take great pride in the components we produce as original equipment manufacturers.

  • Offshore

    Arclex has been producing flexible hoses for offshore industries offering unsurpassed material resistance and an extensive range of products. Our metal hose knowledge combined with the technical skill of our engineers has won us contracts across the globe for offshore drilling platforms, wind parks and power stations. Arcflex also produce metal hoses for various marine applications and can be custom built.

  • Petrochemical

    Our flexible hoses are widely used throughout the petrochemical industry due to their versatility and chemical resistant properties. We understand the rigours and demands of this sector and work closely with planning teams to ensure the correct goods, from metal bellows to corrugated hose are available when needed and we have worked with some of the largest petrochemical companies in the world.

  • Pharmaceutical

    The high demands of the pharmaceutical industry means all components and products used in this sector have to be made to the very highest standards. Our metal hose products comply with international regulations and have highly abrasive proof properties and are both microbe and hydrolysis resistant.

  • Power Generation

    Arcflex manufacture a range of products suitable for applications involving power generation including flexible metal hoses, stainless steel bellows and expansion joints. Processes and industries generating a large amount of power can always rely on the strength and endurance of our products which are some of the safest and most efficient on the market today.

  • Steel Mills

    Arcflex know the rigours of the steel mill industry and understand the importance of components being able to perform under extreme temperature and high pressure. Our custom designed braided metal hose and expansion joints are available in a wide range of metals and alloys guaranteeing high performance for even the most demanding of steel mill environments.

  • Transport

    Arcflex has supplied leading vehicle manufacturers including JCB and Rolls Royce. Our metal hose is suitable for transferring everything from solids to corrosive chemicals with our stainless steel braided hose being ultra durable and non corrosive. We have helped clients across the UK with all of their transport demands and take great pride in the partnerships built up over the years.

  • Water

    Our flexible metal hose products are widely used in the water industry for storage, transportation and various other processes. With excellent kink resistance and abrasive properties they are an ideal solution. Long lasting, high quality and durable while also complying with the latest safety regulations and standards, the metal hose we produce are unsurpassed.