Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection on Hoses and Bellows

Arcflex have recently invested in fluorescent penetrant inspection of metal hoses and bellows, upgrading our internal non destructive testing capabilities to include this service. We can now react even quicker to customer demands by offering multiple NDT examination above pressure and leak testing. Arcflex now perform fluorescent as well as color contrast liquid penetrant flaw […]

High Temperature Exhaust Bellows in Alloy 188 and Haynes 230

High Temperature Exhaust Bellows in Alloy 188 and Haynes 230 Arcflex have successfully welded and formed expansion bellows out of alloy 188 and Haynes 230 to cope with service at extreme temperatures above 800 degrees C. These metal bellows are intended to run at temperatures up to 1050 Deg C. Haynes 230 and alloy 188 […]

Corrugated Metal Hoses and Hose Assemblies (BS EN ISO 10380:2012)

Critical updates to the latest edition of 10380:2012 have some specific impacts on quality control and basic minimum requirements to manufacturing metal hose assemblies that correctly conform to this harmonized standard. This International Standard specifies the minimum requirements for the design, manufacture, testing and installation of corrugated metal hose and metal hose assemblies. The standard […]

Orbital Welding Metal Hoses

Arcflex have successfully developed the automated process of orbital welding for metal flexible hoses after successful trials across a range of hose types and end fittings. With the correct preparation which is a unique process to Arcflex we have welded over 4000 end fittings to braided corrugated metal hose ranging from 1/4″ NB up to […]

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