Precision Fabricated Fittings & Connections

With over two decades of experience under our belts, Arcflex have truly become one of the UK leaders when it comes to purpose built flexible hoses, metal bellows and expansion joints for a huge range of industries. We have worked with petrochemical companies, offshore oil rigs, OEMs, power generation and nuclear power plants to name just a few of our clients. In addition, we produce a wide range of precision fabricated fittings and connections designed specifically for stainless steel flexible hoses and metal bellows assemblies.

Inhouse fabrication

Arcflex Precision Engineering & Manufacturing

We now stock an extensive range of fitting, couplings, adapters, cam locks and flanges for stainless steel bellows and flexible hoses. We design and manufacture all of our products on site and can supply any type of fitting in any material to suit your exact requirements. All of the standard fittings are available immediately but we can produce special requirements in a short space of time for a great price. We produce fittings for flexible hose and metal bellows in carbon steel, stainless steel (304, 321, 316), brass and a wide range of special Nimonic and Incoloy grades. Other special requirements can be catered for upon request.

Protective Covers for Flexible Hose

Arcflex also produce a wide range of protective covers to ensure your metal hose performs to the highest standards and prolongs the lifespan. One such cover is Type APBC which acts as a cover over stainless steel braid or even an alternative. It removes the chance of injury to the operator via the steel braided hose wires. Type ACLS is perhaps our most versatile and made from silicon which does not affect the bend radius of flexible hoses. This is just a small sample of the range we have and any special requirements you have can be met whether to improve safety of performance.