Operating for over three decades, Arcflex have been dedicated to the correct assembly of purpose built flexible hoses for a huge range of industries. We have supplied our products to industries such as power generation, nuclear, military, construction and pharmaceutical to name just a few. We offer a complete package of integrated precision engineering and can create bespoke products on request to suit a huge range of applications.

Flexible Hose Assemblies

We manufacture our flexible corrugated hose by forming strip into straight butt-welded tube and then corrugating the tube to form a fully flexible product suitable for a variety of uses. Determining how flexible the hose is depends on the strip thickness used in making the straight tube, prior to corrugating, together with the shape, depth and pitch of the corrugations. Flexible corrugated hose types include:

  • Annular Form
  • Standard Flexibility
  • High Pressure Range
  • Open Pitch
  • Spiral (Helical) Form
  • High Flexibility
  • Close Pitch
  • Multi-Ply Hose

Our corrugated hose is available in standard coil lengths as loose hose or as part of a flexible hose assembly. The corrugation hose profile can either be spiral, annular or even Omega form to give different characteristics ranging from improved flow rate, increased flexibility or longer cyclic life.

Get in Touch With Arcflex for Flexible Corrugated Hose

Depending on the stainless steel selected, flexible corrugated hose will operate from temperatures from -200c to 800c. Maximum working pressures are up to 6000 psi depending on size and operating conditions. The flexible hoses are manufactured and stocked in sizes ⅛” to 24” (3mm to 600mm) nominal diameters. They can be made from a wide range of steel types or to any other special metal requirement. Arcflex can also arrange for a technical visit to your site but if you would like to discuss anything at feel free to contact us at any time. We will be more than happy to discuss your project and requirements in more detail and give you a no obligation quote free of charge.