Linear & Non-linear FEA Analysis Services

Our Company is highly experienced in handling linear and non-linear FEA multi body projects of various loading conditions and complex material selection.  Our experienced analysts are experts in the aerospace, automation, oil/gas industry and our excellence in delivering services; has allowed us excel across the world.

Our Linear FEA Services include:

  • Safety margins and design factors
  • Assembly Stress Analysis
  • Part stress analysis
  • Contact Stress Analysis
  • Deflection Analysis
  • Correlation Analysis Deflections/ Strains
  • Position of Thermal Stresses
  • Stiffness Analysis for achieving stated targets

We conduct linear analysis to rule out errors and ensure smooth functioning of your product.  In cases of large displacements and several non-linearity’s in the system, our experts suggest the need for non-linear analysis and deliver the best solutions for a better product performance.

Our Non-linear FEA Services include:

  • Non-Linear Geometric & Dynamic Analysis
  • Non-Linear Material Analysis
  • Time Domain Response Analysis
  • Impact simulation Analysis
  • Elasto-Plastic Deformation Analysis
  • Rubber & Elastomers FEA
  • Thermo-Mechanical Analysis
  • Contact stresses and non-linear supports analysis

We provide highly detailed models and accurate simulations, for non-linear FEA involving several complexities for example extreme loading conditions, moving parts, bolted connections and non-metallic materials etc.

Incorporating linear and non-linear FEA at an early stage

Integrating our Linear and non-linear FEA services at an early stage, i.e. the design phase will help you to develop a flawless product.  Contact us to discuss your linear and non-linear analysis requirements with our FEA experts.