Fatigue Analysis Services

Arcflex offers professional fatigue analysis services to help you identify and rectify issues during the design phase, thus eliminating the causes of malfunctions and failure.  We have worked on multi-body projects of varying complex load condition and gained expertise in crack infiltration and growth, fracture mechanism etc.

Our Fatigue FEA Services include:

  • Failure Prediction Analysis
  • Cycle to Crack Formation
  • S-N Curves Analysis
  • Threshold Stress Intensity
  • High and Low Cycle Fatigue Analysis
  • Dynamic Tear Testing
  • Stress / Creep Rupture Analysis
  • Vibration Fatigue Analysis

Arcflex conducts careful analysis and offers a comprehensive and detailed fatigue analysis report.  We inspect every factor that causes fatigue failure which result in solutions to create a robust system/product.

Some factors that cause Fatigue Analysis:

  • Temperature
  • Structural resonance
  • Material purity

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