Structural Finite Element Analysis Services

Arcflex offer expert structural analysis services utilizing the most advanced technology and programs. In-house detailed models and precise simulations help us carry out thorough structural static analysis and provide the best solutions.

Our Structural FEA Services:

  • Static and dynamic structural analysis
  • Buckling analysis
  • Contact and nonlinear structural analysis
  • Harmonic stress analysis
  • Full transient dynamic
  • Material Creep testing
  • Response spectrum
  • Random vibration analysis
  • Large displacement calculation
  • Analysis of stress on a structure due to vibrations

Delivering First-Rate services

We ensure that our suggestions and solutions are based on a comprehensive analysis of the system, promoting safety, robustness and performance of the design. We aim to provide on time delivery with appropriate solutions that comply with most ASME and EU standards and meet our client’s requirements.

By integrating our structural analysis services during the design phase, will help to minimise the costs on repeated prototype testing and speed up design process.

We provide FEA services for industries such as aerospace, automobile, Oil/Gas, consumer products and industrial equipment etc.