FEA Buckling Analysis Services

Arcflex provide professional buckling analysis services at highly affordable rates.  We have a developed infrastructure, advanced technologies programs and a team of expert designers and analysts to deliver superlative services.

Our Buckling Analysis Services include:

  • Linear buckling analysis
  • Non-linear buckling analysis
  • Buckling failure analysis
  • Mesh sensitivity analysis
  • Modal, Frequency, Eigen buckling analysis
  • Non-linear Geometric, material, and boundary buckling analysis
  • Weld evaluation and inspection
  • Solid models migration from other CAD systems
  • Elite clients spanning across industries around the globe.

Arcflex are highly experienced in providing professional FEA services.  We have handled projects of different complexities for several industries like aerospace, automobile, oil/gas, industrial equipment, consumer products and turbo machinery etc.

We know that critical loading can cause critical deformations and displacements.  We can help you determine the critical loading point of your products, and also deliver solutions to increase the load bearing capacity hence preventing system failure and malfunction.

We provide highly comprehensive and detailed FEA reports.  We also analyse the non-linearity and complexities in your system to determine the need for linear or non-linear buckling analysis

We can support your design project and address all critical issues providing satisfactory solutions.  Contact us for further bucking analysis requirements and consulting services.