We at Arcflex have over 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of expansion bellows, joints, and more. We operate state of the art, on-site facilities in the Midlands, so are perfectly placed to serve all corners of the country. This experience, combined with our impressive facilities, allows us to offer a wide range of precision-engineered expansion bellows and joints. There are suitable for any industrial application and are manufactured to your exact design requirements.

Expansion Joints

We are able to manufacture sizes ranging from DN25 – DN6000, in all materials, including the following types:

Standard Expansion Joints

Axial Expansion Joints

Designed to accept movement longitudinally, causing the length to increase or decrease

Universal Expansion Joints

Consisting of two bellows and a central pipe, these are designed to absorb a greater amount of axial movement when compared with single expansion joints.

Single Tied Expansion Joints

A single bellow with tie rods. This helps overcome the reaction forces and spring rates, and loads are handled within the bellow and are not transferred to the pipe line.

Universal Tied Expansion Joint

Two bellows with a central pipe and tie rods to withstand forces caused by internal pressure. They can withstand greater axial, lateral and angular movements than single tied expansion joints.

Single Hinged Expansion Joints

Accepts angular movement in a single plane, absorbing pressure internally rather than transferring it to the pipe line.

Double Hinged Expansion Joints

Two bellows with pipe ends or flanges, accepting angular and lateral movenents across a single plane.

Gimbal Expansion Joints

Accepting angular movements across multiple planes, they absorb pressure thrust as well as torsional twist.

Special Expansion Joints

Pressure Balanced Expansion Joints

Accepting lateral and/or axial movements whilst restraining bellows pressure thrust force. Available as Elbow and In-line pressure balanced joints.

Deep Convoluted Expansion Joints

Formed by cold-rolling knuckles on a flat ring, giving them unparalleled flexibility. Available as circular, square, or rectangular units.

Rectangular Expansion Joints

Designed to accept axial, lateral, and angular movements, these are suitable for low pressure applications.

Clamshell Expansion Joints

These absorb movement in axial, lateral, and angular directions, they are supplied in seperate halves which are then welded together. Perfect for urgent repairs and replacements.