Corrugated Hose

Corrugated Hose

Our Arcflex corrugated hose is made by taking a length of thin walled tube, and using our specialist, on site machinery to introduce corrugations. The use of corrugations in our corrugated hose allows it to be highly flexible and strong. This means that corrugated hose offers the perfect means of transporting fluids as well as […]

flexible metal hose

High Quality Flexible Metal Hose

Flexible metal hose is a wonderfully versatile bit of kit, with countless applications in industrial and commercial settings. Here at Arcflex, we’ve been precision engineering flexible metal hose for our customers for decades, to their exact specification. In terms of durability, safety, and reliability, our flexible metal hose design and manufacturing service is second to […]

Pipe fabrications

Pipe Fabrications for All Applications

Here at Arcflex, we design and manufacture a range of pipe fabrications, metal hose, aerospace ducting, and more for a range of industrial settings across the UK. We specialise in manufacturing durable, efficient and cost effective pipe fabrications for our customers. This means they can rest assured that when they choose us to precision engineer […]

Aerospace ducting

Aerospace Ducting by Arcflex

Here at Arcflex, we’re privileged to work with such a vast selection of industries. This means we get a lot of experience in understanding the needs of various industrial set-ups; a major one we work with being aerospace ducting. We’ve been involved in the aerospace industry for a number of years, and have been designing […]

catering gas hoses

Flexible Hoses for Every Application by Arcflex

If you run a setup which requires flexible hoses, then you can’t go wrong when you choose Arcflex! We have been experts in designing and manufacturing flexible hoses for over 30 years, and we’ve gained a reputation for being an industry leader. Our flexible hoses are precision engineered to be durable enough to take on […]

expansion bellows

Expansion Bellows by Arcflex

For over 30 years, we at Arcflex have been designing and manufacturing precision engineered expansion bellows for a huge range of industrial environments. We’re proud to operate our own state of the art on-site facilities which allow us to supply expansion bellows to your exact specifications. Our impressive facilities include expansion bellows forming machines, and […]

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