Here at Arcflex we specialise in designing, manufacturing and testing a huge range of stainless steel hoses for the most demanding of applications and conditions. Industries include power generation, water, heating & ventilation, military, gas, cryogenic, engines & turbines and many more.

We have a wide selection of standard hoses available to purchase off the shelf for, as well as manufacturing hose with wall and convolution characteristics which are designed to suit the applications. Stainless steel grades include 321, 316, 316L & 304 and are manufactured onsite by butt welding steel strip to form annular or spiral convolutions for flexibility.

Our metal hose range includes, but by no means limited to:

European Super – medium weight annular corrugated tube.

Ultraflex range – a light highly flexible tube in a low profile with many corrugations.

High pressure range – highly flexible, durable and chemically resistant.

Standard spiral hose range – spirally corrugated, close pitch hose which offers high levels of flexibility at a low cost.

Heavy spiral hose range – butt welded, spirally corrugated tube with superior strength and durability for demanding industrial applications.

U form range – heavy weight, annular corrugated tube.

Omega Standard – annular, stainless corrugated flexible tubing with high flexing capabilities.

Contact us for metal hoses:

If you would like to find out more about our range of metal hoses then please get in touch with a member of our team. We’re have a huge breadth of experience providing bespoke metal hoses to demanding industries such as aerospace, automotive, nuclear, gas and more – contact us for more information.