We are the only supplier of deep convoluted bellows, compensators and expansion joints in the UK and are experts at producing metal bellows to suit your specific application. Our metal bellows are specifically designed for each application to ensure the optimum performance. A range of styles are available including circular, square or rectangular, dependant on your requirements. Materials include AISI 321, AISI 304, W.No.1.4828, AISI 316, Hastelloy C276 & Incoloy 825.

Experts at Manufacturing a Huge Range of Metal Bellows

We have manufactured up to 5000mm and our bellows can be designed to achieve 50% movement of bellow size. Once manufactured dye penetrant testing is then used to check the welds, to give you the highest level of confidence in the finished product.

A wide breadth of experience in the industry means that we can provide a comprehensive range of bellows:

  • Double bellows
  • Exhaust bellows
  • Expansion compensator
  • Single bellows
  • Ducting bellows
  • Turbine joints
  • Universal bellows
  • Pump connectors

Do you have metal bellows which are broken or faulty? Don’t worry, we also provide an expert bellow repair service. Our team can also come to your business for a technical visit, here they’ll assess the site and recommend a suitable product or service to address any issues, or to improve the efficiency of you business.

Our cutting edge facilities enable us to offer a complete package of design, precision engineering, fabrication and testing. We work with our clients to create a solution which meets individual specifications, working with industries such as aerospace, air conditioning, automotive, gas, distribution and many more.

Contact us for metal bellows:

If you’re looking for deep convoluted metallic bellows, then look no further! Contact a member of our team for more information, we’re on hand to help and can answer any questions you may have.