Corrugated Hose

Corrugated Hose Fabrication

  Here at Arcflex, we are industry leaders when it comes to the design and manufacture of a complete range of bespoke industrial components. Since 1980, our teams and techniques have been on the forefront of industrial developments and techniques. This means that we have a wealth of experience when it comes to creating bespoke […]

metal bellows

Quality Expansion Bellows

  Here at Arcflex, we have decades of experience when it comes to providing the finest, high quality industrial components and pipe fabrications. Our expert teams use our state of the art facilities to carry out a complete service for your expansion bellows. This includes using 2D and 3D CAD systems, as well as our […]

metallic hoses

Quality Metallic Hoses

  A truly versatile piece of equipment, metallic hoses are a vital component in a huge range of industrial settings. They are commonly found in manufacturing equipment, as well as in the automotive and aerospace industries. They also feature heavily in energy production, plumbing, and the petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries. As you can see, metallic […]

Metallic Hoses

Design and Manufacture of Metallic Hoses

  Here at Arcflex, we have been at the forefront of industrial design and manufacture since 1980, specialising in the proper assembly of industrial components and pipe fabrications. We are unique in that we offer a complete service on your components; we will precision engineer and design your metallic hoses, as well as fabricate and […]

Metal Bellows

Metal Bellows for Industry

Here at Arcflex, we know that metal bellows are a vital piece of equipment which are found in an enormous range of industrial environments, and they remain one of the most popular items that we work with. From aerospace, to plumbing, manufacturing, and more, our expert team have a wealth of experience in creating bespoke […]

Metal Bellows

Metal Bellows by Arcflex for Durability

Our teams at Arcflex have decades of experience when it comes to designing and manufacturing metal bellows for various applications. Over the years, we’ve worked with a huge range of industries, ranging from plumbing and gas, through to manufacturing and aerospace. This wealth of experience allows us to offer a top-notch service when it comes […]

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