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Here at Arcflex, we have been supplying gas meter hoses as part of our range for decades! Subject to the most rigorous quality and safety testing specifications, and created in conjunction with major meter manufacturers, our gas meter hoses are built to be reliable, cost effective, durable and safe for the years to come! Our gas meter hoses are designed to accommodate for small misalignments in the pipe system, making them as straightforward and quick to fit as possible, minimising effort and margin for error. Our gas meter hoses are also welded rather than soldered, increasing their resistance to the effects of fire, and making them more reliable, safe, and durable.


Gas Meter Hoses


Supplying Gas Meter Hoses, Domestically and Commercially

Catering for domestic and commercial projects, Arcflex gas meter hoses can be supplied free standing or boxed, with any suitable assemblies and fittings provided. You can rest easy knowing that our gas meter hoses and connectors are made in the UK, and are subject to strict quality and safety controls, in accordance with the following specifications:

• PRS 6
• EN10380
• BS 6501
• BS 746

To ensure you have the perfect gas meter hose for the job, we have an extensive range of sizes, lengths and fittings available.

Contact Arcflex For Your Gas Meter Hose Needs!

Here at Arcflex, we have been granted approval to both design and manufacture flexible hoses and gas meter hoses in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC (CE) Cat 3 Module H. We also run ISO 9001:2008 management system, and our manufacturing processes, systems and controls are Aerospace and nuclear approved, so you know that you’re in the safest of hands!

For more information on the full range of gas meter hoses available, you can check here. For any assistance you may need or questions you may have, please do get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team.