For over 30 years, we at Arcflex have been operating top class facilities in the Midlands. Here, we undertake the design and manufacture of a wide range of industrial components, such as metal bellows, steel braided hose, and gas meter hoses and connectors.


Gas Meter Hose


Our broad experience as a provider of components has given us the opportunity to work with a range of industries; from aerospace ducting to automotive components, to plumbing and petrochemical, our fabrications can be found all over the country.


Gas Meter Hoses and Connectors for Commercial and Domestic Application


The gas meter hoses and connectors that we supply are designed with the consultation of the major meter manufacturers in the UK. We understand that your business needs to comply with strict safety regulations, and that our customers have high expectations for their gas meter hose and connectors. We pride ourselves on our ability to design and manufacture your components on site, here in the Midlands.
Further to our design and manufacture of new gas meter flex, hoses, and connectors, we also carry out repairs and servicing on your existing equipment. As we’re placed in the Midlands, all corners of the country are within easy reach. This means that we can attend emergency call outs, should you ever need us.
We supply gas meter hoses for free standing and boxed units, in accordance to the following specifications:
• PRS 6
• EN10380
• BS 6501
• BS 746
The gas meter hoses and connections that we provide are approved for use in aerospace and nuclear settings; you can be assured that they are constructed to the highest possible standards, for safety and efficiency.


Contact Us for Gas Meter Hoses and Connectors


When you are in need of gas meter hoses and connectors, don’t leave it to chance, call the experts at Arcflex. We’re always on hand to discuss your needs, and can offer any help and advice you may need.