Here at Arcflex, we’re privileged to work with such a vast selection of industries. This means we get a lot of experience in understanding the needs of various industrial set-ups; a major one we work with being aerospace ducting.

We’ve been involved in the aerospace industry for a number of years, and have been designing and manufacturing aerospace ducting, metal hose, and pressure equipment that our customers know they can depend on. Our aerospace ducting has been used in a range of aircraft, and will be crafted to meet your requirements perfectly.

Specialist Aerospace Ducting

Aerospace ducting needs to withstand extremes in pressure and temperature, and above all needs to be safe and reliable. We specialise in manufacturing bespoke aerospace ducting to your exact needs; as well as this, we also operate cutting edge safety and quality testing facilities on site. Every single component and set up is rigorously tested once complete; this ensures you receive a product which will be second to none in terms of durability, reliability, and therefore, cost effectiveness.

Our team of experts will design and manufacture your aerospace ducting to the highest standards, and all work will have BSI 9001:2000 pressure certification for your peace of mind. Our testing facilities and repair and servicing are also the perfect options if you have pre-existing aerospace ducting which you need safety and quality testing.

This is the ideal option if your aerospace ducting has been in use, and you need to assess its effectiveness throughout its lifecycle. The methods we use for our testing are non-destructive, and will not alter the function of your ducting.

Get in Touch for Professionally Manufactured Aerospace Ducting and Services

If you’d like any further information on the aerospace ducting and services we can offer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can also take a look at our resources, where you can find information on all the products we supply, or find out more about our testing facilities and services here.