Stainless steel braided hose is an integral part of many industrial set ups. As such it’s vital that you choose steel braided hose which is incredibly tough and durable, like that produced here at Arcflex. This is because your steel braided hose is designed to be used to house corrugated tubing. Using it in this way protects your corrugated tubing from issues such as elongation, and can improve the pressure rating of your set up.


stainless steel braided hose


Stainless Steel Braided Hose Made Bespoke for Business


Under high pressures, your tubing can elongate. This has the unfortunate effect of reducing efficiency of your systems. To combat this effect, we recommend applying steel braided hose to your tubing. There are a range of industries that will find this useful; we commonly work with clients in the motoring, aerospace, plumbing, heating industries, and more.
Our highly experienced teams carry out the design and manufacture processes on site. Our priority is that your stainless steel braided hose is of the most impressive and reliable quality, and will allow your business to carry out safe and efficient operation.
Your new stainless steel braided hose will be made to your needs; whether you require standard lengths or something unique, our teams are always happy to discuss your needs and offer any advice you may need. While the majority of the braided hose we supply is stainless steel, we also work with other metals such as Monel alloys, Kevlar, and a variety of polymer blends.


Discuss Your Stainless Steel Braided Hose Requirements with Us


If you are in the market for stainless steel braided hose for your business, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our friendly and professional team can offer any help and advice you may need, and can make recommendations based on your requirements. You can view some of our previous projects here.