In order to combat elongation and increase a corrugated tube’s internal pressure rating, Arcflex have designed and manufactured a stainless steel braid designed for external use around the flexible hose. An unbraided tube will bend, stretch and elongate when pressurised which can cause serious performance as well as safety issues which can end up costing thousands to repair in addition to putting people at risk. However, braided hose stops this and increases the internal pressure strength of the tube.

Arcflex Braided Hose

Our stainless steel braids come in a wide variety of strengths and wire thicknesses depending on your requirements but a minimum of at least two layers are recommended for any tube. Standard braid types are determined by number or strands and carriers as well as thickness, coming in four main categories:

  • Light Braid
  • Heavy Braid
  • Standard Braid
  • Extra Heavy Braid

Our braids or often used on rubber hoses, plastic hoses and sheath hydraulic hoses as well as a wide range of other applications. And, one of our specialities is braided braid which is at least 50% stronger than the standard basket weave braid. These are mainly for larger diameter flexible hoses to absorb pulsation and shock pressures in high vibration conditions. This reduces wear on the corrugations, stops braid snagging and is technically the best braid solution available.

Corrugated Hose

Braided Hose Materials & Sizes

Arcflex stainless steel braided hoses come in stainless steel 304 and 316 as standard. However, we can produce non-standard braid on request in any material including Monel, Bronze and Kevlar. They are manufactured in sizes 1/8” to 10” (3mm to 250mm) while braided braids comes in sizes of 4” to 24” (100mm to 600mm) nominal diameters.

For more information on our steel braided hose or any of our other products, please don’t hesitate to contact us today to find out more.