Since starting out in 1980, Arcflex have expanded from not only manufacturing a range of products, but repairing vital equipment across the UK. We have worked closely with a wide range of huge companies including Siemens, JCB, Alstom and Rolls Royce to name just a few. They rely on us when things go wrong and our reputation has been greatly advanced thanks to the high quality of our work. In this blog, we take a look back at two specific metal bellows repair projects.

Fast & Efficient Repairs

Alstom Power is a huge electricity generation company that supplies energy to over 1.2 billion homes around the world. In 2013 their metal bellows failed at Langage Power station causing the plant to shut down. It was crucial to repair the bellows to get the plant back online. However, the original supplier couldn’t help and quoted a time of six weeks. This led them to Arcflex, who were commissioned to design, manufacture and install the replacement metal bellows within 5 days. We had to meet the exact requirements of the original unit but the plant was fully operational within the quoted time period.

Metal Bellows

Another project saw us saw Swiss food giant Nestlé contract us to fix a major failure in a bellows unit part of a critical heat exchanger. This fault was going to cause serious production problems and the company were set to lose thousands. However, after hearing about our previous work we set about designing a specialist unit to slide over the heat exchanger before manufacturing it ourselves within 4 days. We then worked on-site to fit the new metal bellows. Once installed, we DPI, ultrasonic and MPI inspected the work leaving the factory in a fully functional condition.

Choose Arcflex for Metal Bellows Repair

We saved both these clients and several others a huge amount of money with our fast, efficient and reliable services. Many companies use us every time they need repairs thanks to our past work and fantastic value service. If you would like to know more, please contact Arcflex today for more information.