With over 20 years of experience in the design and manufacture of metal bellows and expansion joints, it is fair to say Arcflex are well established as the leading manufacturer in the UK today. We test, design and manufacture each of our expansion joints in accordance with the Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association (EJMA) specifications and any others on request. Our facilities are of the very highest standard and our quality management system runs to ISO 9001:2008 standards. This, coupled with our approval to manufacture to the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 97/23/EC provides only the very highest of products for all manner of applications.

Expansion Joints

Why Choose Expansion Joints & Metal Bellows?

Our metal bellows and expansion joints are used in a huge range of industries from petrochemical and nuclear energy to military and construction. Expansion joints and bellows help secure and protect your piping systems from general wear and tear while ensuring they function at peak performance. Equipment movement, vibration, pressure pulsation as well as thermal growth all generate movement in the piping system. An expansion joint stops this and absorbs movements in all directions including axial, lateral and angular movement. Next to no space is needed for installation and they require no further maintenance once installed.

Want to Know More About Metal Bellows & Expansion Joints?

In addition to our regular bellows, Arcflex are a major supplier of deep form bellows, compensators and expansion joints after we acquired the former company COMFLEX. We also have our own in house design and testing facilities to ensure any product you purchase will meet your exact specifications. We can also manufacture the products to almost any material specification. If you would like to know more about expansion joints or metal bellows then you can get in touch with us here or organise a technical visit to your business.