Steel braided hose is used to avoid the elongation that occurs when unbraided corrugated tube is pressurised to a certain level.  Wire strands of braid are alternatively crossed two over and two under to produce a basket weave, which is then placed around the existing hose body to reinforce its strength. Our braids are often used to cover hydraulic hoses, plastic hoses, rubber hoses – but they can be used for an extremely wide range of industrial applications. By adding an extra layer to the hose, you would imagine that the flexibility would be sacrificed but this is not the case.  The braiding is highly flexible and follows the movement of the hose. We manufacture our steel braided hose in house and it’s available in 304, 316, Monel, Bronze, Kevlar and polymer braids.

Steel Braided Hose Built to Last

Every project is different and so our steel braided hose can be supplied loose or braided directly onto the hose, dependant on requirements. Arcflex steel braided hose is designed for external use around corrugated tube to combat elongation and increase the tubes internal pressure rating. Unbraided corrugated tube tends to elongate when pressurised but the braided layer prevents this. It is recommended you have at least one external layer of braid and Arcflex you can choose light braid, standard braid, heavy braid and extra heavy braid depending on your project requirements. We also have stainless braided braid which is a massive 50% stronger than standard basket weave braid making it ideal for pulsating and shock pressures or high vibration conditions.

Choose Arcflex for Steel Braided Hose

All of our hose is manufactured to the very highest standards and available for a huge variety of projects and applications. Standard braids manufactured and stocked in sizes 1/8” to 10” (3mm to 250mm) nominal diameters. Braided braids in sizes 4” to 24” (100mm to 600mm) nominal diameters. Braid can supplied loose, braided directly onto hose or supplied as part of hose assemblies. If there is anything else you would like to know about our steel braided hose then please get in touch with us today.