Arcflex have successfully developed the automated process of orbital welding for metal flexible hoses after successful trials across a range of hose types and end fittings. With the correct preparation which is a unique process to Arcflex we have welded over 4000 end fittings to braided corrugated metal hose ranging from 1/4″ NB up to 4″ NB.

This allows us to offer very high quality welding with repeatability removing the problematic weld faults associated with manual tig welding methods. This process allowed the full control over purge pressure welding parameter records and repeatable high quality results. These processes are now approved with several large customers with welding procedure and operator qualifications available.

From over 4000 welds the flexible hoses were fully pressure tested and had a significant improvement with leak rate results keeping below a 1% failure rate. Compare this to manual welding with an average 10% leak rate the benefits are clear that this method should be adopted for large production runs or in applications requiring critical control and repeatable results of high quality.