We have been offering a complete package of precision engineering, testing, designing and fabrication of metal bellows for over 25 years now. Arcflex have expanded to become one of the UK’s top manufacturers of these products and specialise in the correct assembly of purpose built flexible hoses, bellows and expansion joints. We do everything in-house and take complete control of the manufacturing process to ensure everything meets the very highest standards and built to meet customer’s exact specifications.

Curved Metal Hose

Why Choose Bellows and Expansion Joints

The main purpose of these products is to prolong the life of your machinery and ensure they are performing at their very best. When movement is not absorbed by the piping system itself, expansion joints are the perfect solution as they absorb vibrations from equipment movement, pressure pulsations as well as thermal growth. Any movement including axial, lateral and angular movements in all directions are controlled via expansion joints and once fitted, they require no maintenance at all. You don’t need a lot of space either while load and temperature loss is also kept to a minimum. At Arcflex, our manufacturing range includes expansion joints of the following types:

  • Gimbals
  • Jacketed
  • Axial
  • Lateral
  • Hinged
  • Pressure Balanced
  • Universal Metal Bellows
  • Double Bellows
  • Externally Pressurised
  • Bellow Repairs

Organise a Technical Visit Today

If you are unsure how our products could help you or exactly what you need, you can organise a technical visit at no charge. One of our expert engineers will come and see you to assess your facilities and talk you through our range of products. We run a quality management system to ISO 9001:2008 as well in accordance with the Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association requirements. If you would like to order any of our products or discuss your project in more detail, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.