Make sure your business is working at its optimum level with a technical visit from Arcflex. We have a range of specialists who can visit your premises and asses the functionality of your equipment – with no call out fee. This then enables us to develop a recommendation for suitable products which would improve the efficiency of you business, or we can address any pressing issues that we find. We have representative who work throughout the country, and can complete a thorough check of your business. It’s a popular choice for many organisations who wish to have a comprehensive check of their equipment without the hassle of bringing the pieces to us.

Assembly of metal bellows

Bespoke Metal Hose Solutions

Here at Arcflex we provide a wide range of bespoke metal hose and metal bellow products, and so a consultation of this type means we can develop tailor made solutions to your needs and issues. We have a renowned reputation for our consultation services and have made hundreds of businesses safer and more efficient.

We pride ourselves on our expertise and this permeates through the entire Arcflex experience, from our technical visits, to our design process, manufacturing and testing. We provide a wide range of metal hose and metal bellow which are available either to purchase pre-made, or made to measure dependent on your requirements. We can then provide a comprehensive repair and servicing options for your business, to keep our products in the finest working order.

Get in touch for technical visits:

If you would like to find out more about our technical visits or servicing then please get in touch with a member of our expert team who will answer any questions you may have. We’re an established industry supplier of metal hoses and are dedicated to making your business function more efficiently and safer where possible.