Arcflex are proud to be the only suppliers of deep convoluted metal bellows in the UK. We have an expert team of designers, engineers and the manufacturing ability to produce a wide range of these bellow types. We produce bespoke metal bellows which are designed for purpose, and have manufactured up to 5000mm, and with up to 50% movement in bellow size.

Quality Metal Bellows

We know the importance of producing the highest quality metal bellows and we use the best techniques to produce exceptional pieces. Our compensators are formed by cold rolling knuckles on a flat ring for superior flexibility. Then the welds in our deep convoluted compensators are subjected to dye penetrant testing. Single layer deep convoluted metal bellows are available, stainless steel and carbon steel – as well as options on circular, square or rectangular styles. Wall thickness varies from 1.5mm to 6mm dependent on the application and requirements.

Metal bellows

Deep convoluted metal bellows can be used for a variety of applications and so it’s essential that they’re manufactured to your specific requirements. We provide a wide range of metal bellow products including bellow elements, metal bellow repairs, double bellows, turbine joints, pump connectors, universal bellows, expansion compensation and special designs.

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Choose quality with Arcflex, and let us design manufacture and test your convoluted metal bellows. We produce both ‘off the peg’ and specially designed options dependant on your requirements. Please get in touch with a member of our expert team for more information, we’ll be happy to answer any questions about our deep convoluted metal bellows.