High Temperature Exhaust Bellows in Alloy 188 and Haynes 230

Arcflex have successfully welded and formed expansion bellows out of alloy 188 and Haynes 230 to cope with service at extreme temperatures above 800 degrees C. These metal bellows are intended to run at temperatures up to 1050 Deg C.

Haynes 230 and alloy 188 offers excellent high temperature strength and environmental resistance up to 1095 deg C for prolonged exposures. Manufacturing thin wall bellows from such material offers unique issues when welding and forming. We have successfully welded 188 and 230 with standard TIG processes with the welds passing both radiography and surface flaw inspection. This has been achieved with the correct welding gas and controlled arc size using copper heat absorbing tooling, gaining a proper weld profile avoiding porrosity and coking allows successfull deep convolution forming without tearing of the weld joint.

This controlled process means the resultant metal bellows performs well during the bellows life.

Arcflex can offer metal bellows in exotic materials such as Inconel 625, Inconel 826, Hastelloy’s, Haynes 230, 188 and Nimonic materials to name a few.