Arcflex have recently invested in fluorescent penetrant inspection of metal hoses and bellows, upgrading our internal non destructive testing capabilities to include this service.

We can now react even quicker to customer demands by offering multiple NDT examination above pressure and leak testing.

Arcflex now perform fluorescent as well as color contrast liquid penetrant flaw detection in house. The process is suited for the detection of surface breaking discontinuities in metallic and some non-metallic materials especially welds contained within metal hoses and metal bellows.

We have installed this dedicated UV room to meet our customers ever changing needs, most recently color contrast dye penetrant testing is not permitted as it can contaminate our end users NDT lines. The offering of these two different dye penetrant techniques ensures we can meet all our customers needs without involving extra time and further cost from sub-contractors.

All our NDT personnel are qualified to Level 2 in conformance to American Society for Non-Destructive Testing Recommended Practice SNT-TC-1A.

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