Critical updates to the latest edition of 10380:2012 have some specific impacts on quality control and basic minimum requirements to manufacturing metal hose assemblies that correctly conform to this harmonized standard.

This International Standard specifies the minimum requirements for the design, manufacture, testing and installation of corrugated metal hose and metal hose assemblies.

The standard now identifies the difference between
- producer of corrugated metal hose or producer of corrugated metal hose and metal hose assemblies and 
- fabricator of metal hose assemblies with corrugated metal hose purchased from manufacturers.

All joining methods used in the manufacturing of metal hose assemblies shall be qualified.

Welder qualifications and welding procedure qualifications shall be in accordance with EN 287-1 and ISO 15614-1; brazer qualification and brazing procedure qualification shall be in accordance with EN 13133 and ISO 13585.

Where welding penetration reduces the internal diameter, the flow performance shall be verified. Where crevice and burr-free connections are required, they shall be specified by the purchaser.

With this in mind it is now impossible for a manufacturer or assembler to produce a flexible metal hose or assembly to this harmonized standard without welding procedures and welder qualifications for all welds that are present within the product. Customers should be fully aware of this minimum requirement and verify that their supplier is conforming to this minimum requirement.

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