We supply a wide range of flexible hoses for industry, and specialise in purpose built flexible hoses and assemblies. Flexible hoses are created by forming corrugations into the straight welded tube. Differing tube and indent thickness then determine the flexibility of the hose. The corrugations can vary greatly from spiral, annular or omega and with these different designs come differing characteristics for the flexible hose. This offers improved flow rate, increased flexibility or longer cyclic life.  The pitch of the hose is a large factor in its flexibility; a wider pitch is often chosen for cost-efficiency, which is then over braided.  By closing the pitch to standard or close, you will achieve higher levels of flexibility. This creates a flexible hose which meets the commercially accepted level.

Our Range of Flexible Hoses

Here at Arcflex we provide a variety of flexible hoses which includes, European Super, Ultraflex Range, High Pressure Range and U form range. We also offer Omega Standard, Omega Tuff and Omega Tuff two ply. In addition to this we have a standard spiral flexible hose range. This consists of standard spiral hose and heavy spiral hose.  Spiral corrugated flexible hoses can offer up to 30% better flow efficiency compared to annular. They can withstand repetitive bending, so are extremely popular for applications which require this. Arcflex can manufacture your flexible hoses to your needs; tailoring the pitch to your requirements and designing the hose convolution characteristics. This means they’re incredibly versatile.

Find Out More About Arcflex Flexible Hoses

We manufacture our flexible hoses in house, and all are tested to ensure their quality. If you would like any further information about our flexible hoses then please get in touch with a member of our team. We can supply you with a quote which is tailored to your specifications and requirements.