Here at Arcflex, we are industry leaders when it comes to the design and manufacture of a complete range of bespoke industrial components. Since 1980, our teams and techniques have been on the forefront of industrial developments and techniques. This means that we have a wealth of experience when it comes to creating bespoke corrugated hose for our customers.


corrugated hose


Expertly Designed and Manufactured Corrugated Hose

Corrugated hose is used in a huge range of industries. It is used extensively in plumbing, heating and ventilation, and even in cryogenics. With so many industries depending on corrugated metallic hoses, it is important that modern techniques can produce superior corrugated metal hose. Our state of the art facilities in the Midlands have been purpose built to allow us to design, manufacture, and test our corrugated hose and other components.
Your hose will be made bespoke to your needs. It is formed by taking thin walled tubes and using specialist machinery to create corrugations. We can vary the diameter and material of the tube, and can tailor the distances between the corrugations.
If your premises operate standard sized machinery, or you need a replacement fast, we also offer off the shelf, standardised options. If you are unsure which is right for your equipment, just call us and we will discuss your requirements with you.
Having our own testing facilities on site gives you the peace of mind that your corrugated hose has been manufactured to the highest standards. We use a range of testing methods; if you would like to learn more about our testing methods and testing facilities, take a look here.


Get in Touch for Superior Corrugated Hose


If you have any questions regarding our corrugated hose, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our teams and discuss your needs. We offer a complete range of industrial components, learn more on our range here.