Our Arcflex corrugated hose is made by taking a length of thin walled tube, and using our specialist, on site machinery to introduce corrugations. The use of corrugations in our corrugated hose allows it to be highly flexible and strong. This means that corrugated hose offers the perfect means of transporting fluids as well as gases.

The versatility of our corrugated hose means that it has been used effectively in a huge selection of industries and environments, ranging from plumbing and heating, to applications in the aerospace industry.

Corrugated Hose by Arcflex for Durability and Reliability

Our corrugated hose can be made bespoke to your needs, by altering the space between each corrugation, and also the depth of the corrugations. This means that the corrugated hose we create for you will be the perfect fit for your set up, giving you a fantastic result every time.

In addition to our bespoke service, we also supply a range of off the shelf options. Off the shelf hose is ideal if your equipment calls for standard hose sizes, or if you need a replacement hose in a hurry.

We are proud to operate our own state of the art testing facilities on site. This allows us to ensure that every single piece of equipment we manufacture is of the highest possible quality, and is second to none in terms of durability and reliability.

Contact Us for Quality Corrugated Hose

If you would like any further information on the corrugated hose we design and manufacture, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our team is always happy to discuss your needs, and can offer help and advice on which options are best for your set up.

As well as manufacturing corrugated, flexible, and metal hose, we also offer a complete range of bespoke components with applications across all industrial sectors, and can carry out technical visits, and repairs and servicing.