Here at Arcflex we’re experts at producing a wide range of metal bellows, in both standard sizes and those manufactured bespoke to your requirements. Our wide breadth of experience in producing metal bellows means we’ve worked with many different types of businesses to create industry specific metal bellows which can enhance and improve performance.

Experts at Producing Bespoke Metal Hoses:

We work with you throughout the entire process and integrate design, precision engineering, fabrication and testing in the metal bellows production. Our in house department will gather your specifications and use 2D and 3D  CAD to design any assembly to suit the specific application. To make the process even easier we can also organise a site visit and this will help us to decide which type of metal bellows would be most beneficial for your business.

We are constantly investing in new equipment and machinery to ensure that we consistently produce the highest quality metal bellows, metal hoses and expansion joints. Our manufacturing facilities are wide and varied and include bellow forming machines – hydraulic, expanding and roll forming, automated welding machines, CNC machines, sheet metal fabrication and many more. These exceptional facilities mean we can produce many different types of bellows quickly, precisely and in house.

metal bellows

To ensure peace of mind Arcflex also have provide a wide range of testing facilities. All of our metal bellows are thoroughly tested before purchase, but our testing facilities are also available for third party products. Testing types include hydrostatic, pneumatic, mass spectrometer, dye pen and x-ray.

Find out more about our metal bellows & facilities:

If you’re interested in having your metal bellows produced by Arcflex then please get in touch with a member of our team. We have an expert team that can answer any questions you may have and can organise a site visit or quotation if required.