Metal hoses are used for a wide range of demanding applications which sometimes involves applying high levels of internal pressure to the hose. Unbraided corrugated metal hoses can elongate when pressurised above a certain level and so we supply stainless steel braid for use with the hose to combat this. The stainless steel braided hose is placed around the original tubing to increase the internal pressure rating of the tube, providing a hose which is suitable for a range of high pressure purposes.

Loose Braid

Types of Stainless Steel Braided Hose

  • Stainless steel braided hose is highly flexible and so will not affect the usability of the hose. It’s produced in our state of the art production facility to ensure the highest quality finish, and is available in 304, 316, Monzel, Kevlar and a wide range of polymer brands.
  • Basket weave stainless steel braid is the industry standard for overbraid, and here at Arcflex we can offer braid for any application. This basket weave provides excellent chemical resistance, durability and corrosion resistance.
  • We also provide another stainless steel braided braid hose range which is at least 50% stronger than standard basket weave braid. Each woven strand is made from multiple wires before braiding to increase strength and to reduce braid snagging. This is typically used on large diameter hoses which have achieve higher pressures, for example pulsating and shock pressures of high vibrations. Our stainless steel braided hose, boasts increased durability and reduced wear.

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