To ensure the best possible performance tailored to your specific applications requirements, Arcflex have designed a range stainless steel hose protective covers and accessories. They have a wide range of functions including everything from protecting the operator from extreme temperatures and insulations to extending the life of the metal hose assembly. They can also prevent wear as well as add an extra layer of armoured covering. We have an extensive range here to suit all manner of applications as well as being able to manufacture to specific requirements.

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Types of Protective Covers

The most popular and versatile choice is Type ACLS which is a silicone based cover places over stainless steel braided hose. This cover does not affect the bend radius of a hose and makes it easy to handle. Another popular choice is Type APBC which is made of polypropylene. This can be placed over the braided hose or used as a replacement. This product ensures the operator’s safety when handling the braided hose by covering the sharp braiding. There are many other types available to suit all types of metal hose plus custom designs on request.

Why Arcflex?

2015 is our 35th year in the business and we have become a UK leader in all things precision engineering. Our decades of experience and total commitment to quality ensure every product you buy from us is of the very highest standard. We run a quality management system to ISO 9001:2008 to ensure this and we also fully accredited by the PED. For any more information on how protective covers or any of our other products, please don’t hesitate to contact our team with any of your enquiries.